Jeffrey A. Feldman, PhD

Jeffrey Feldman has over twenty years of experience as technology start-up operator and investor.  He has core domain expertise in the areas of telecommunications, data communications and specialty materials.  He offers a full range of senior executive operating skills encompassing all aspects of the company lifecycle, e.g. from the earliest stages of business planning, building senior operating teams, raising capital and growing businesses all the way to dealing with restructurings, cost containments and re-gearing during downturn periods.  In terms of industry expertise, he has worked with specialty materials, including optical substrates, polymeric coatings and liquid crystals, and with telecommunications systems and services, including broadband data services, Voice-Over-IP services and TV delivery.

He was instrumental in driving the formation and operation of Everest Broadband Networks (aka EveresTV), and has run the firm as President & CEO since 2000.  Prior to launching Everest he was a Senior Vice President at Pequot Capital Management and a member of the General Partner in Pequot’s initial venture fund.  He has been active in early-stage investments in the communications sector, specifically those that target ISPs, telecommunications carriers and other broadband service providers.  He has been involved in several of Pequot’s private equity investments including Alidian Networks, Arrowpoint Communications, Elastic Networks, Ennovate Networks, Millennium Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks and Tellium.  Dr. Feldman joined the Pequot family of funds in 1998 coming from Digital Media Capital, LLC where he led investments in Critical Path and Sandpiper Networks. 

Dr. Feldman received his B.S. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Connecticut and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from the Institute of Materials Science located at the University of Connecticut.  After earning his Ph.D., he completed a post-doctoral study at Montedison’s Research Center in Novara, Italy.  After working in industry for several years he then earned his M.B.A. from the Yale School of Management where he concentrated on Operations Science and Finance